Monday, February 25, 2008

beach search made easy

A new website has emerged to help us keep our dream vacation lists in order, and in a place where we can find it! I myself collect tidbits about my dream vacation spots from reading magazines, newspapers, browsing websites, and in passing conversation. However, I always seem to misplace the names of restaurants, spas and shops I’ve taken note of. Fabsearch in a new website that pulls information from the best style magazines about the world’s top vacation destinations.

You can search by destination (Amalfi Coast, Brazil, Mustique, Mykonos, Portofino) or publication (British Harpers Bazaar , Financial Times, Town and Country, Vanity Fare). You can add your personal finds and tidbits in a My Clippings folder. Before you take off on your next trip, easily download all the notes you’ve filed away online.

Beach search made easy!

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