Friday, March 7, 2008

just keep livin'

Male beach bums have something to look forward to...maybe. Mathew McConaughey is set to design his own beach apparel. The line will be named after his personal brand, j.k. livin' (just keep livin') and will feature men's trunks, Frisbee's and t-shirts. Hmmm, should be interesting. I think I'm speechless.

I do not know many men who wish they had his sense of style. He constantly looks like he smells (and it’s been reported such). Kate Hudson kindly asked him to start using deodorant after working with him and his natural body odors for too long. Who wants to buy clothes from a stinky guy? Will see. I hope he proves me wrong and doesn’t deliver a cheesy ‘life is good’ line of clothes.

In case your interested in learning more about McConaughey’s personal brand for living, visit his official website:

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