Sunday, March 23, 2008

summer kicks

Its time to get your feet summer ready . . . yes, that means pedicures with hot new summer hues but ultimately it means sandal season is approaching! So kick-off those suffocating work pumps and slide your feet into some fun sassy sandals! We all know style comes before comfort and the perfect sandals are beginning to grace store windows.

From your high-end designer, Tory Burch to Rainbows, your favorite beach go-er sandal your feet will feel sexy in no matter what you wear. All we can recommend is wear the proper attire to the sand. That means no high heels, boots, crocs, wedges, and running shoes (unless you are working-out on the beach).

One of our favorite sandals is Rainbows, they can be found at your local beachwear stores such as Hobie’s, Laguna Surf & Sport, and Jack’s Surf Shop. These sandals are made of leather that mold to your feet creating comfort and also come in a variety of styles and colors.

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