Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Fellow BGWB readers, I have failed you as a blogger. On my recent walk along 7 mile beach in Grand Cayman, I didn't bring my camera. The two hour walk was magnificent, but also reminded me why I write this blog. Going forward, no beach walks with out the lil digital in hand!

The highlight was the headgear I saw. Here in the Caymans, it's a melting pot of cultures. You have local Caymanians, as well as tourist and all those foreigners working in the service industry on the island. During out visit, the majority of people seem to be from Canada, Europe or America. Therefore, everyone comes with a different idea of what to wear on your head at the beach. I wish you could have seen the man in the stunning Cayman waters, with two Ziploc bags over his hair, trying to keep his trestles dry as he takes a dip. Or, the women swimming in the water, with her baby blue shower cap on.

Appropriate headgear for a day at the beach:
1. Baseball cap
2. Visor
3. Straw cowboy hat
4. Straw, canvas or linen fedora
5. Panamanian style hat
6. Sea captains hat
7. Lifeguard hat

Say no to these hats:
1. Bucket hat
2. Beanie
3. Shower cap
4. Anything plastic
5. Wizard hats
6. Anything out of a heavy, winter material, such as wool

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