Saturday, May 10, 2008

new surf & skate company on the scene

Surf legend Laird Hamilton has launched Wonderwall, a surf and skate clothing and lifestyle company.

Laird Hamilton is one of the most celebrated big wave surfer in the world, and his a new ambition is fashion. "This clothing line has been a long time coming!" he laughed at Thursday's launch party for his Wonderwall line. The 165-piece surf and skate collection will be sold exclusively at Steve and Barry's as of May 15. "My interest in fashion began when I started surfing. I noticed that the most financially successful people in the surfing community were apparel manufacturers. I actually worked in downtown L.A.'s garment district back in the 80's to learn the trade. I dabbled in every aspect of the business, from logo design to pattern-making to advertising."

"We saw a demand for it from our consumers, so we approached Laird," explained Howard Schacter, chief partnership spokesman for Steve and Barry's. "He's so authentic and has great knowledge of the surf community. He grew up in humble beginnings, so he understands what so many of our shoppers are going through."

Hamilton agreed. "The quality and style are there, and it represents my philosophy. It's a big endeavor, but I wanted to create something that would appeal to everybody."

To find the nearest Steve and Barry's, visit the website:

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