Monday, March 17, 2008

beach etiquette from the jersey shore

A fellow beach bunny recently shared with us beach etiquette fanatics the ways of the Jersey Shore. This Orange County local visited her first east coast beach and got quite an education! She was made aware of their beach etiquette by a whistling lifeguard, who approached her with their surprising beach rules. At this particular Jersey beach, you can't really swim. No diving under waves, not swimming out past the wave break, no breast stroke, no freestyle. You can only wade so far (the lifeguard said about only to the waist) and you have to stay in front of the lifeguard stand when in the water. Beach patrol comes around to collect money from all visitors ‘using’ the beach. While those differences were a bit annoying, she says the water was spectacular (very warm) and the sand was really nice (super fine & soft).

As many of our readers know, beach rules are very different in Southern California. The lifeguard only approaches you if you’re drowning, pushing a kayak out to sea, skim boarding at the wrong end of the beach, or need help putting on your sunscreen (just kidding). Otherwise, you are allowed to swim as far out in the ocean as your hearts content. And there are no fees for sitting on the beach (just occasionally for parking).

If you have any other tips or notes about east coast beaches, please leave a comment below.

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