Thursday, March 20, 2008

protecting your tresses

Spring has sprung (thank goodness)! With summer creeping closer and spring break vaca’s planned, it’s time to gather up your beach day necessities. Start searching for your new summer beach tote, purchase new sunscreen, and organize your summer reading list. But don’t forget a product to protect your hair. Whether your concerned about your hair color fading in the sun, want the sun to bleach it, or don’t care at all, you should consider these tips from us fun in the sun experts. Sun, chlorine and saltwater can strip your hair of color, bleach your hair, turn it green, dry it out and severely damage it.

Whether you’re at the pool or the beach, shower off before getting in the water (just like the sign says at the gym pool). Your hair is dry, and it’s going to absorb whatever hits it first. You can also pour water from your water bottle onto your tresses.

After you soak it with fresh water, dab a small amount of conditioner on the ends, or use spray on conditioner (whatever you prefer). A dime-to quarter-sized dollop is fine. It would be very considerate of the environment if you used an organic, sulfate free conditioner at the beach, but any brand works. I prefer using the mini hotel sized conditioners as they don’t take up room our add weight in your beach bag.

After taking a dunk in the ocean or pool, be sure to wash your hair with good, clean, salt free water. Then add some more conditioner to your hair. Scrunch it up, brush it out, whatever you prefer…it will dry much nicer and will keep your hair healthier then if you left the saltwater in it. Take it from beach bunnies; whether you will be diving in the ocean seven days a week, or just taking a single dip here and there, try to follow these steps and protect your hair. You’ll notice the difference the first time you try!

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