Thursday, March 27, 2008

stash sandals

How can I keep my belongings safe at the beach?

A lot of people don’t feel safe leaving their purse or wallet unattended when they take a beach walk or go for a dip. We suggest you conceal your cash, coins, keys, and credit cards in a compartment in your flip-flops. ArchPort™ Sandals are the original patented "stash" sandals. They are functional sandals with security compartments in the soles. The left sandal includes a compartment with a wallet feature that is removable, and custom designed for several credit cards, ID, cash and a key. The right sandal includes a cavity for carrying larger articles, or a stack of cash and it snaps shut.

For more fashionable colors, try Reef’s Stash sandals which come in many color options, including brown, grey, pink and white.

ArchPort™ Sandals, $55

Reef Stash Sandals, $46

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