Sunday, March 30, 2008

another beach day...what to wear, what to wear?

Here are the top 10 hit the beach essentials according to the always fashionably hip boutique, Intermix. The following suggested beach accessories work best when your at a beach house or resort for a day.

1. Tie it on - a cotton scarf easily goes from day to night
2. Walk this way - be sure to purchase a pair of chic metallic sandals
3. A little protection - go beyond the baseball cap and wear an over sized sun hat
4. Luxe tote - take your beach tote beyond canvas for something new
5. Must have bikini - splurge for lots of for each of your moods
6. A cool tank - sequins, sheer, light weight knit, are all elements that can make the old tank top seem like a new look
7. Wear it out - a faded denim skirt works for those who prefer a rocker look
8. Sexy back - choose a dress or beach cover up with an exciting back cut out o tie
9. Go long - the trendy long cardigan works for the beach too in a lightweight material
10. All the extras - bring along beach accessories for your costume change before dinner or a bonfire

beach cruising

There is nothing like a fabulous beach ride along the board walk. As the weather starts to warm up, be sure to take a trip to the coast for a bike ride. Most coastal towns, from Santa Barbara to San Diego, have bike rental shops close to the beach. They offer the option of a beach cruiser or a mountain bike. (For those not familiar, a beach cruiser is a bike with longer handle bars and a lower seat, for a more relaxed bike riding experience).

Enjoy these photos from a recent bike ride in Santa Monica, California.

Friday, March 28, 2008

world’s best beaches: part 2

Here is the 2007 World's Best Beaches according to YAHOO! Travel. This beach bunny has only been to four of the spots on this list. My vote is Honolulu, Hawaii.

Please note that YAHOO! has chosen beach cities, not specific beaches. You’d have to do your research on where to actually put your feet in the sand before you go.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Miami, Florida
Cancun, Mexico
Kaanapali, Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
San Diego, California
Boracay Island, Philippines
Key West, Florida
Sydney, Australia
Santa Barbara, California

beach reading

It's many a girl's dream to own a Birkin bag (and some boys too). Fashionista Michael Tonello spent nearly a decade traveling the world in search of Birkins to resell on eBay. He once bought 140 of the coveted bags in a three month period! Tonello's forthcoming memoir Bringing Home the Birkin ($18) chronicles his hunt for the $8,000+ bag, of which Victoria Beckham is said to own 100.

"I began to feel like I was a drug dealer," he said. "You know, there are people that will do almost anything to get one of these bags."

This book may send you flying out of your beach chair to the nearest Hermes store. Hide your credit cards and beach happy reading!

Click ‘beach reading’ above for a link to the book review.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

stash sandals

How can I keep my belongings safe at the beach?

A lot of people don’t feel safe leaving their purse or wallet unattended when they take a beach walk or go for a dip. We suggest you conceal your cash, coins, keys, and credit cards in a compartment in your flip-flops. ArchPort™ Sandals are the original patented "stash" sandals. They are functional sandals with security compartments in the soles. The left sandal includes a compartment with a wallet feature that is removable, and custom designed for several credit cards, ID, cash and a key. The right sandal includes a cavity for carrying larger articles, or a stack of cash and it snaps shut.

For more fashionable colors, try Reef’s Stash sandals which come in many color options, including brown, grey, pink and white.

ArchPort™ Sandals, $55

Reef Stash Sandals, $46

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

have you seen our ads?

Greetings friends and thank you for visiting our blog! We've have had over 300 people visit us during the month of March, and we really appreciate the interest. Please be sure to click on the ads at the bottom of the page and on the lower right hand corner. Clicking these links will insure that BeachGirlsWhoBlog stays up and running!


Beach Bunnies

our favorite beach bags

A classic canvas tote:

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

summer kicks

Its time to get your feet summer ready . . . yes, that means pedicures with hot new summer hues but ultimately it means sandal season is approaching! So kick-off those suffocating work pumps and slide your feet into some fun sassy sandals! We all know style comes before comfort and the perfect sandals are beginning to grace store windows.

From your high-end designer, Tory Burch to Rainbows, your favorite beach go-er sandal your feet will feel sexy in no matter what you wear. All we can recommend is wear the proper attire to the sand. That means no high heels, boots, crocs, wedges, and running shoes (unless you are working-out on the beach).

One of our favorite sandals is Rainbows, they can be found at your local beachwear stores such as Hobie’s, Laguna Surf & Sport, and Jack’s Surf Shop. These sandals are made of leather that mold to your feet creating comfort and also come in a variety of styles and colors.

Friday, March 21, 2008

what’s in our beach bag?

Weather forecaster’s are predicting 80 degree temperatures this Sunday. Hooray! Looks like it’s going to be Easter at the beach! With that in mind, I’ve cleaned out my favorite canvas beach tote, and am pulling together all the goodies I’ll need for my first bikini beach day of 2008. I have my bathing suit, beach cover up and flip flops ready to go.

Our beach bunny beach day necessities are:
- Towel
- Beach chair
- Water bottle
- Snacks (fruit, veggies, nuts, sandwich, etc.)
- Sunscreen
- Conditioner for hair
- Sunglasses
- Chapstick with SPF
- Visor (or beach hat)
- Reading material (a book and a few magazines)
- Afternoon beach cover up (in case a breeze comes in or you end up staying till sunset, pack a sweatshirt or something warm and cozy)

Bonus beach bag extras (if you have the space our can handle the weight in your bag):
- Beach umbrella
- Smash Ball (or other beach game such as Frisbee or a football)
- Small cooler or ice chest
- Sandcastle supplies (shovel, sandcastle shapes)
- Goggles for snorkeling
- Fins or water shoes
- Boogie Board, surf board or skim board
- Camera

As an etiquette tip before your beach day, remember this: If you can’t carry it, don’t bring it. You don’t want to be the tourist who brought with them everything but the kitchen sink. Leave the 20 foot cooler at home for backyard BBQ’s, and bring the small but cute Igloo cooler you have. This will make your walk to the beach (and your exit at the end of the day) much more enjoyable. Your fellow beach goers will appreciate your simple beach set-up much more than if you built a camp on the sand.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

protecting your tresses

Spring has sprung (thank goodness)! With summer creeping closer and spring break vaca’s planned, it’s time to gather up your beach day necessities. Start searching for your new summer beach tote, purchase new sunscreen, and organize your summer reading list. But don’t forget a product to protect your hair. Whether your concerned about your hair color fading in the sun, want the sun to bleach it, or don’t care at all, you should consider these tips from us fun in the sun experts. Sun, chlorine and saltwater can strip your hair of color, bleach your hair, turn it green, dry it out and severely damage it.

Whether you’re at the pool or the beach, shower off before getting in the water (just like the sign says at the gym pool). Your hair is dry, and it’s going to absorb whatever hits it first. You can also pour water from your water bottle onto your tresses.

After you soak it with fresh water, dab a small amount of conditioner on the ends, or use spray on conditioner (whatever you prefer). A dime-to quarter-sized dollop is fine. It would be very considerate of the environment if you used an organic, sulfate free conditioner at the beach, but any brand works. I prefer using the mini hotel sized conditioners as they don’t take up room our add weight in your beach bag.

After taking a dunk in the ocean or pool, be sure to wash your hair with good, clean, salt free water. Then add some more conditioner to your hair. Scrunch it up, brush it out, whatever you prefer…it will dry much nicer and will keep your hair healthier then if you left the saltwater in it. Take it from beach bunnies; whether you will be diving in the ocean seven days a week, or just taking a single dip here and there, try to follow these steps and protect your hair. You’ll notice the difference the first time you try!

Monday, March 17, 2008

beach etiquette from the jersey shore

A fellow beach bunny recently shared with us beach etiquette fanatics the ways of the Jersey Shore. This Orange County local visited her first east coast beach and got quite an education! She was made aware of their beach etiquette by a whistling lifeguard, who approached her with their surprising beach rules. At this particular Jersey beach, you can't really swim. No diving under waves, not swimming out past the wave break, no breast stroke, no freestyle. You can only wade so far (the lifeguard said about only to the waist) and you have to stay in front of the lifeguard stand when in the water. Beach patrol comes around to collect money from all visitors ‘using’ the beach. While those differences were a bit annoying, she says the water was spectacular (very warm) and the sand was really nice (super fine & soft).

As many of our readers know, beach rules are very different in Southern California. The lifeguard only approaches you if you’re drowning, pushing a kayak out to sea, skim boarding at the wrong end of the beach, or need help putting on your sunscreen (just kidding). Otherwise, you are allowed to swim as far out in the ocean as your hearts content. And there are no fees for sitting on the beach (just occasionally for parking).

If you have any other tips or notes about east coast beaches, please leave a comment below.

in the news

BeachGirlsWhoBlog has caught the attention of Laguna Beach locals. Thank you to The Laguna Beach Independent for posting our blog link on your website!

Friday, March 14, 2008

classic beach cover-ups

What are beach cover-ups and what are classic beach cover-ups? Beach cover-ups are the clothing you wear over your bathing suit (similar to lounge wear). Classics refer to a traditional beach look (nautical colors, all American polo’s, white sun dresses, casual shorts and a t-shirt in summer colors). Cover-ups include shorts, skirts, dresses, tunics, t-shirts, tanks, and polo’s. The material used for most beach cover-ups is light, such as cotton, terry cloth and linen. Madras and seersucker work too. Right now, we beach bunnies love airy cotton tunics (which can be paired with shorts and heels in the evening). For women, many bathing suits have a matching beach wrap, usually available to correspond with your suit. Please take careful consideration regarding those wraps as there often tacky and not flattering.

Men have it easy. All they need to throw on is their swim trunks and a t-shirt or polo, paired with sandals. However, they should be aware of the color of their shirt (no black please), and leave the tank tops for the women to sport.

Surf shops, J Crew, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, trendy boutiques and department stores all carry beach cover-ups. Happy shopping!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

posh sounds off on denim do’s & don’ts for guy’s

Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, recently interviewed to promote her new denim line, chatted about the do’s and don’ts of men’s denim fashion. She shared her opinion regarding proper fit, length, loose versus tight, color and wash, etc. Although she gave her two cents about how your man’s jeans should fit, she didn’t discuss the dos and don’ts on where to wear them.

Denim has emerged as appropriate dress clothes for all occasion. Wearing denim to a formal dinner or a party is much more accepted in California versus the South. But there is not doubt you see denim much more often than in years past. However, it will always remain unacceptable to wear denim during a summer day at the beach. No matter the denim piece…shorts, skirts, pants, overalls, jacket, it should be left at home! Especially denim pants and overalls. On hot, 80 degree days, you should not be wearing denim pants down to the beach. The only exception to this rule is in the early morning or evening, when you may be taking a stroll on the beach. This is more accepted in the fall and winter. Spring is pushing it as you should be transitioning to lighter knits, cottons and linens (we can get into that another time). Does this all sounds ridiculous? I think you’ll change your mind next time you see someone walking down to the beach in their faded jeans and wife beater. Kind of ruins the atmosphere, don’t you think?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hands down the best spf ever!

There are so many sunscreen SPFs out there to purchase but by far the best protection is covering your face with a hat. Not just any old hat, you must have a hat from “America’s favorite hat company”. San Diego Hat Company makes the most phenomenal beach going hats. They are fashionable, they never loose their big brim shape and are completely affordable. You would be silly not to purchase one and show it off and feel extremely sexy on the sand.

So start your spring break/summer shopping and visit their website!

Friday, March 7, 2008

just keep livin'

Male beach bums have something to look forward to...maybe. Mathew McConaughey is set to design his own beach apparel. The line will be named after his personal brand, j.k. livin' (just keep livin') and will feature men's trunks, Frisbee's and t-shirts. Hmmm, should be interesting. I think I'm speechless.

I do not know many men who wish they had his sense of style. He constantly looks like he smells (and it’s been reported such). Kate Hudson kindly asked him to start using deodorant after working with him and his natural body odors for too long. Who wants to buy clothes from a stinky guy? Will see. I hope he proves me wrong and doesn’t deliver a cheesy ‘life is good’ line of clothes.

In case your interested in learning more about McConaughey’s personal brand for living, visit his official website:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

riviera maya fairmont resort

The crème de la crème: The Fairmont Mayakoba

Get out your bikinis and board shorts and prepare yourself for a fabulous vacation at the Fairmont Mayakoba resort, 40 miles south of Cancun, Mexico. The moment you arrive you are greeted by the courteous staff and a delicious tropical cocktail. The resort is a sanctuary away from the typical "spring breakers" on Girls Gone Wild or the frat boy puking in the room next door. This is why you work all year long to save up those vacation days!

And that's not even the best part! The untouched white sands of the Riveria Maya are instinctively inviting. The turquoise waters of the Atlantic are always a bathtub-like 80 degrees that help to wash away the anxieties of everyday life. But coming to the Fairmont Mayakoba wouldn't be complete without a day at the Willow Stream Spa. Massages and wraps are a necessity in order to truly be lost in the beauty and solitude of the Mexican Riviera.

So pack your bags and don't forget your passport! Speaking of which, look for some useful travel tips for your next trip to the Mexican sands in a future blog!

Visit to learn more about this incredible resort destination.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Woof Woof

Dogs on the beach can be fun (playing Frisbee, throwing tennis balls, seeing all the cute puppies) and it can be a nightmare (ugly, large, wet, hairy dog jumps on you out of the blue, then licks...ew!) Please, read the signs before entering the beach. Most beaches only allow dogs on the beach during the fall and winter. Some may allow dogs on the beach in the morning, or late in the evening during the spring and summer. Do not bring your dog with you for a long day at a busy beach (that’s just rude). It kills the relaxing atmosphere (just like when unwanted cigarette smoke blows in your face.

Some Beach Etiquette for Dog Owners :
  • Always keep your dog leashed when there is a leash law
  • Always clean up after your dog by using a poop bag or pooper scooper (if you want to try and stay ‘green” while picking up after your dog, purchase corn-based bags that are fully biodegradable.)
  • Do not let your dog visit with other beach-goers or dogs, unless welcomed
  • If using an official off-leash area, your dog needs to be well-behaved and must listen to your verbal commands
  • In an off-leash area, always pay attention to your dog

Thank you for being a polite beach goer!

Monday, March 3, 2008

seersucker season approaching

I know seersucker isn’t a southern California thing, but I love it. How can a girl not! Seersucker comes in just about every color (blue, green, red, yellow, pink). I prefer to stick to the standard pale blue. Theory even produced burnt orange seersucker capri’s in 2004 (very cute).

Though I do believe you should dress for beach days and summer events according to the style of the coastal community your in, seersucker has become more popular and widely accepted. It is OK to wear it outside of the South.

Boys can sport seersucker too (and we girls sure love it when they do). Fabulous Dallasites such as Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Schmid always sport the preppy look and the ladies love it.

If you’d like to get a head start on your seersucker shopping, check out Vineyard Vines: