Friday, March 21, 2008

what’s in our beach bag?

Weather forecaster’s are predicting 80 degree temperatures this Sunday. Hooray! Looks like it’s going to be Easter at the beach! With that in mind, I’ve cleaned out my favorite canvas beach tote, and am pulling together all the goodies I’ll need for my first bikini beach day of 2008. I have my bathing suit, beach cover up and flip flops ready to go.

Our beach bunny beach day necessities are:
- Towel
- Beach chair
- Water bottle
- Snacks (fruit, veggies, nuts, sandwich, etc.)
- Sunscreen
- Conditioner for hair
- Sunglasses
- Chapstick with SPF
- Visor (or beach hat)
- Reading material (a book and a few magazines)
- Afternoon beach cover up (in case a breeze comes in or you end up staying till sunset, pack a sweatshirt or something warm and cozy)

Bonus beach bag extras (if you have the space our can handle the weight in your bag):
- Beach umbrella
- Smash Ball (or other beach game such as Frisbee or a football)
- Small cooler or ice chest
- Sandcastle supplies (shovel, sandcastle shapes)
- Goggles for snorkeling
- Fins or water shoes
- Boogie Board, surf board or skim board
- Camera

As an etiquette tip before your beach day, remember this: If you can’t carry it, don’t bring it. You don’t want to be the tourist who brought with them everything but the kitchen sink. Leave the 20 foot cooler at home for backyard BBQ’s, and bring the small but cute Igloo cooler you have. This will make your walk to the beach (and your exit at the end of the day) much more enjoyable. Your fellow beach goers will appreciate your simple beach set-up much more than if you built a camp on the sand.


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