Sunday, May 18, 2008

beach shirts for men

What should men wear above the waste when they head to the beach? Unless you are Kobie or Shaq, stay away from the basketball jersey (or any sports jersey). A simple t-shirt or polo works nicely. Keep the tank tops at home (unless you're in South Beach where the 1980's are still in). If it's not too hot, a button down, collard shirt looks fabulous. Roll up the sleeves and keep the top two buttons open. Play with color and fabric...go cotton, linen, pastel, or white.

Ideas for men who would rather not bare their chest when they are cruising down to the beach:
1. T-shirt (refrain from wearing one with obnoxious text or pictures)
2. Polo shirt (any brand will do)
3. Oxford button down shirt

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Real men just want to stay Cool. Button down polo shirts and looking contrived is for pussys. Your opinion for how men should look sounds straight out of fashion island.