Thursday, May 29, 2008

planet-friendly threads

As the weather heats up, and you reach for your tank tops and light weight tee's, why not throw on something sustainable? Choosing eco-alternatives is more than just a fashion statement: It takes 1/3 pound of pesticides to grow the cotton for just one conventional T-shirt. Reduce your environmental impact with these fabrics.

Naturally absorbent and antimicrobial, bamboo fabric feels like cotton. This easy-on-the-planet grass can grow up to 4 feet a day without pesticides and produce 35 percent more oxygen than an equivalent stand trees. Try pretty, feminine blouses by Of The Earth,

Cotton production accounts for only 3 percent of the world's agriculture but generates more than 25 percent of all insecticide use. Purchasing products made of organic cotton promotes pesticide-free cotton-farming techniques such as crop rotation. Check out organic cotton beach cover-ups and tanks by Athleta,

To produce two extra-large polyester T-shirts from recycled soda bottles requires 1/2 gallon less gasoline than shirts made of virgin polyester. Plus, many recycled fabrics are also fully recyclable. GoLite makes fantastic outdoor and athletic wear,

Made out of wood pulp harvested from sustainably farmed trees, Tencel's smooth, biodegradable fibers are stronger, softer, and more wrinkle resistant than cotton. In addition, chemicals used to break down the pulp are recycled. Be Present sell's the soft, cozy tee's on their website,

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