Sunday, January 4, 2009


At 25, the co-founder and president of Causes has created a vehicle for activism by leveraging social causes through online social networks. The result has been powerful - a visionary business model that's empowered 30 million Facebook and MySpace users to change the world. The Santa Monica, Calif., native began stoking his passion for politics and social progress as a social studies major at Harvard, where he was also involved in numerous grassroots causes. After graduating in 2006, Green founded Essembly, a non-partisan networking site dedicated to intelligent debate of topical issues. Causes registered 12 million users who had supported 80,000 nonprofit causes worldwide in the first year of its launch and raised $2.5 million for 19,445 charitable organizations.

How does Causes work? Registered Facebook and MySpace users can visit the Causes Facebook or MySpace page. There you can look for charitable organization in a number of categories, from animals, arts & culture, environment to political campaigns. Just by finding a cause and joinng the group, money will be donated to that charity. You can spread word about the organization by sending the cause to fellow Facebook or MySpace friends, and at any time you can donate money, buy gifts, and so much more. Check it our buy searching for Causes the next time you are on Facebook or MySpace.

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