Thursday, June 19, 2008

going brazilian

If you've never worn a Brazilian cut bikini, you may feel a little bare the first time you try one on. They style of the bikini bottoms are a little smaller on the behind, but surprisingly more flattering. The less material you have on your rear, the smaller it actually looks.

For your first time, try Salinas Swimwear or Rosa Cha. It's easy to loose confidence when trying on a bikini, but the women at Rosa Cha in Miami give you the self-assurance to wear it with pride. Intricate detailing in stitching and trim are evident, and impeccable craftsmanship is the trademark of Rosa Cha. Innovative silhouettes with brilliant accents to the essential lines are made for the perfect fit. And because the line is made in Brazil, the colors are vibrant and flatter every shade of tan.

Sold all over the US and Europe, you can find Rosa Cha outside of Miami in upscale department stores and boutiques. Don't forget to apply tinted lotion or a spray on tan before bathing suit shopping for a boost of confidence in the dressing room.

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